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A Remarkable Example Of A New Generation Shipping Group
Ship Shipping & Trading:
ORAS Shipping and Trading was established in 1992 to engage in every aspect of shipping by actively operating inhouse and time-chartered tonnage of various sizes. ORAS has become a highly reputable and well known ship-owner, time charter operator and charterer by continuously responding to everchanging market developments and trading patterns globally.

In accordance with the demands of present shipping practices, the offices and personnel of ORAS are fully accesible and functioning “24 hours a day, 7 days a week” by using the means of contemporary communication and computer technology.
Ship Time Charter Operations:
Time charter operations have been the main activity of the company since it was set up. The founders of the company have been working very hard throughout the years to organize and register the name of the company among the well-known players as a time-charter operator specialised in dry Cargo chartering. Some of the international trade houses and charterers have enjoy the performance of OrAs as a preferred ship-operator by booking in their cargoes regularly for worldwide destinations at very competitive and favoured terms.

The chartering team of the company continuously charters tonnage to lift various unitized, bagged and bulk cargoes including grain and agricultural products, pipes and steel products, coal, iron ore, scrap, minerals, fertilizers, forest products, non-ferrous metals and Project Cargoes.
Ship Technical Management:
Oras Shipping & Trading Ltd. is a shipowning and operating company that was established in 1988. It is among the first ship brokering companies that have been set up in Turkey and has vast experience in terms of owning and operating vessels of various sizes. Average experience per onshore personnel, including both onboard and onshore experience, is over 10 years.

Our technical management team is led by a highly experienced individuals and has a diverse skill set, ranging from conventional dry/general cargo vessel management to Ro-Ro and even seismic research vessel and offshore management. Shore personnel has a significant hands-on experience on repairs, overhauling and drydocking while operations are managed by ocean going masters who have well over a decade of onboard experience.

OrAs boasts a very strong network of technical contractors and suppliers as well as having a concrete crew base, consisting of both domestic and international top notch crew.

In addition, Oras Shipping & Trading Ltd. is Turkey’s first “operator” in actual terms (which involved chartering and operation of vessels for logistic operations of cargo owner clients, whose volumes are booked for long term) and is an acclaimed entity.